Anytone 878 vfo mode

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Anytone 878 vfo mode

Toggle navigation. Home Messages Hashtags. Search Cancel. Return to Calendar Select Month and Year. DUV firmware update V1. During scanning, the removed channels from channel list will re. During scanning, the removed channels from channel list will revert back after switching zone. Resolve the issue that the car audio stops when start the roaming function.

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Resolve the issue that the car audio stops when APRS is transmitting. Improve the Scan speed to double. Revise the beep tone time setting. This function helps to reduce the battery consumption. During scanning, the backlight will be turned off according to the back light settings in CPS, Firmware version: V1.

Improve the send message issue when both roaming and GPS are on. Add the notification in the help section for Group Call hold time setting an. Hello, I just found the version 1. Hi, I have just received my D this morning.

All the drivers I have downloaded from Any. Can anyone point me in the right direction please so I can get up and running on DMR?

anytone 878 vfo mode

Have my DMR number. Well, so I bought my yesterday - and it is a pretty amazing device! I paired up the PTT button and that works fine. Then I tried to pair it with the hands free bluetooth in my car Mitsubishi and.Coronavirus Information: Powerwerx is open and shipping. Will Call pickup is currently unavailable. Click here for more information.

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Make sure all words are spelled correctly. Try different keywords Try more general keywords. What's new in version 1. Resolves an issue when the digital contact manually changes in the radio it will not be saved. Resolves an issue when the Talker alias doesn't change when the radio ID changes. Resolves an issue when the digital scan is easily interfered. Increased todigital contacts. Fixed an error, that "auto repeater offset frequency" settings are not being imported.

Resolved the issue that Wide band set up was missing in the radio menu.

AnyTone AT-D868UV / AT-D878UV / AT-D878UV PLUS Resources

Resolved the issue that RX display is incorrect when set up the talker alias. Do I need to update my firmware?

anytone 878 vfo mode

Anytone radios generally ship with the latest firmware version installed. You can determine your current AT-DUV firmware version by pressing the softkey on your radio under the menu icon, then selecting Settings then Device Info and then scroll down to Firmware Ver.

Anytone 878 Promiscuous Mode settings

If the version displayed is less than 1. To create a backup using the programming software, read from your radio and then save this file to your desktop or temporary folder.

Extract the files located in this zip file to your desktop or a temporary folder. Newsletter Sign Up. Connect With Us. Yes Cancel.Any regulatory authority approval e. FCC certification may become invalid by the use of this information. Users should always ensure that they and their radios are operating in accordance with their licence conditions. In any case, the user alone accepts all responsibility and risk from the use of this information and tools provided here.

It has a fabulous receiver, enough memory to hold the entire DMR user database — for the time being, anyway!

Perhaps that is why so few modifications have been seen for this model, everyone is happy with the as it is? Presented here is a collection of modifications for the Not all of these modifications are my own ideas, and credit has been given to the original author of the information as best as I have been able to find.

Each modification is rated on a difficulty scale as follows:. Easy: no specialist skills required, easy soldering, minimal disassembly. If the thought of picking up a screwdriver makes you break out in a cold sweat, however, you might want to seek some assistance. From a technical viewpoint, I believe so, yes. More on this below. This has caught me out several times, and though it might seem obvious when reading this, it is easy enough to overlook when slaving over your keyboard. Speaker microphone: Any of the regular two pin speaker microphones suitable for the usual Baofeng radios etc.

Just ensure the plug is firmly pushed in and seated into the speaker mic sockets. You can even make your own spare programming cable if you wanted, using this pinout as a guide. Known button held during power up sequences There are several power up sequences which involve holding down buttons to invoke certain modes on the as follows:. New knobs for the Easy The knobs as fitted by the AnyTone factory are, in my opinion, awful design. They are difficult and slippery to grip and look a little odd.

The smaller knob has to be drilled out a little, while the larger knob needs something to fix it to the tuning shaft. Hot melt glue works well. The end result looks rather nice, and the knobs can be bought on eBay for just a few dollars:. Screen scratch protection. You can find these on eBay. Headphone adaptor. Easy Here is a simple and easy to make adaptor so you can listen to the GD with normal headphones. I also filled the right angle audio plug with hot melt glue to secure the connection and give the connector a bit more solidity.

There are countries around the world that make use of the radio spectrum above MHz for two way radio, and this modification will allow you to hear those transmissions. The modification intentionally inhibits transmit in these expanded areas. In practice, the chip will cover even more than that, as you will soon see. You can use the VFO and add memory channels to use these new expanded receive frequency ranges. Add your desired channel, but program it with a unique frequency in the standard limits, for example MHz.

Then export the channels to a. Other modified radios e. Theory behind the frequency expansion mod. Thankfully, a lot of programming software only checks for valid frequency entry when entering details by hand inside the software. The next step is to ensure these out of band frequencies are actually being sent to the radio as intended.Post a Comment.

To find out what version version of firmware is on your radio. The instructions below might work on older firmware, but I'm not sure.

Use the comments feature of the blow to share your findings. I get my software from HERE. Make sure you have a copy of your code plug and any changes. The red light should flash and the screen is blank Open the update you want to install click the "Open Update File The Com port should be the last one Ensure "Duplex" is checked Press Write button.

Red light blinks differently but I didn't notice The instructions recommend you do a factory reset erases all data I did a factory reboot by turning the radio off and then back on by pressing the PTT and the PF1 right under the PTT and then turning it on while doing that.

I tried to demo this and forgot how to do it. I'm not happy with the user interface, but whatever. This is really handy because you don't need to create a whole new channel.

You can now use the talk group on the fly or make a private call. Using a talk group on the fly or make a "private call". Sometimes you just want to use a talk group once in a while. If that's the case, why create a whole new channel.

Or, if you are going to travel to a new area, you can save yourself some time by not having to create a whole bunch of talk group channels, just use the "On the fly mode" as I call it. This is also how you make a "private call" if that person is setup in your radio see adding a talk group on the radio above. I did this when I wanted to dynamically add the Hurricane net to a local repeater. Have fun. You could also add the user to your radio via the CPS software by adding them to the list of Talk Groups and setting it as private.

You may want to use a channel that you setup just for this purpose, e. You should see a green check-mark with the message "Contact Selec". I think it should say You should see the display change to the new override talk group or private person rather than the one that was programmed for the current channel.

Try the above procedure. Press the PTT when you are done to confirm you did it right by looking at the talk group ID during transmitthen turn the knob right one, and left one, to come back and then press the PTT again. You'll notice the override no longer works. An easy way to make a "Private Call": If you want to open a private call with someone that you you've recently heard on the radio, there is an easier way to do that.

The current group is then set to that person's ID. It will stay that way until you change the channel or power cycle the radio.

A note about "Private Call": A "private call" is where you are using the repeater system to directly contact another DMR operator.

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If another operator is monitoring the repeater in promiscuous mode she can hear all traffic on one or both slotsat least one side of the conversation will be heard. See "Monitoring" below. If the destination operator is on a repeater for a private call, they MUST have used it at least once since powering up or changing repeaters because Brandmeister uses the "last call" data to figure out how to route the traffic.

I was told that the repeater owner needs to "allow private call". I haven't used private call much so I'm not sure about this. Monitoring Use "Digital Monitor" promiscuous mode to listen to whatever traffic is being handled by the repeater not just your talk group. You can listen to the traffic on the current time slot Single Slot or anything happening on the repeater Double Slot.

I normally use "Single Slot" at a minimum so that I can hear if the time slot on the repeater is busy. You can probably change this in the menu, but I assign a key to it.Changed the info for the anytone at-duv. At the moment this table is for handhelds only.

I am thinking of making a separate table for mobiles. Dual band NOT dual watch. De K0XM. I own 2 Anytone with several friends who own multiple Anytone AT Firmware 2. Radio by far easiest to use.

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Simple change zones. No need for 3rd party firmware. Callsign database loaded within Anytone software. There are required updates. Base band 1 time flash. Wouxun KG-D added. I don't think anyone will consider the Wouxun KG-D since it has no screen, so I haven't added that one.

Excellent blog and YouTube videos. I am new to DMR and learning about the available radios before I take the plunge. Thanks again for all the information you make available. Thanks for the comment. I'm not planning on doing a comparison between the three radios right now.

This is purely because of the cost.

How To Switch an AnyTone Between Professional and Amateur Mode

It would cost a lot to buy all three radios and I wouldn't have any use for them. I don't like any of them at the moment because I believe that they all use direct conversion receivers which are in my opinion, rubbish. Have a look at my latest video where I explain this whole situation. The MD and are basically the same internals and the only difference is the housing which is waterproof on the These radios are reasonably priced and work well.

They've been out a long time so don't really have any bugs now, unlike the dual band DMR radios which seem to have a lot of bugs. When there is no performance downside to getting a dual band radio then sure, go for it, but at the moment there is and it's not worth it unless you actually NEED both bands. It would not make sense to me Tytera built another clone of the MD, just to keep the look of the MD We'll see. Yeah I saw that, and I hope so too.Updates made since the previous version are shown in this purple colour.

Any regulatory authority approval e. FCC certification may become invalid by the use of this information. Users should always ensure that they and their radios are operating in accordance with their licence conditions. Many of these mods may also invalidate any manufacturer warranty you may have.

In any case, the user alone accepts all responsibility and risk from the use of this information and tools provided here. General warnings to all users: Be very careful not to accidentally hit the PTT Push to Talk button while you have the USB cable plugged in to the radio, or while it is sitting in the charger.

Doing so can cause RF to be picked up by the USB cable or charger, and cause damage to the hardware - both radio and charger. This has happened to some unfortunate owners previously.

Use caution if writing non standard data to the radio in some of the advanced modifications listed below. It is possible to cause the radio to cease functioning correctly if instructions are not carried out with care.

Is the CPS software really safe to use? They have a fabulous receiver, enough memory to hold the entire DMR user database - for the time being, anyway!

Presented here is a collection of modifications for the Not all of these modifications are my own ideas, and credit has been given to the original author of the information as best as I have been able to find.

anytone 878 vfo mode

Each modification is rated on a difficulty scale as follows: Easy : no specialist skills required, easy soldering, minimal disassembly. The radio has certain band limits that can be changed to suit local requirements, and this can be set to one of several options by the user. There are four ways you can correct this issue. Choose the one that best suits you:. The red circle indicates byte 0x, which determines what band the codeplug is, change it to 0E for band Also note how the offset shown in HxD indicates where your cursor is placed.

These measurements were all made in Narrowband FM mode. Wideband FM results are 2dB higher. DMR sensitivity is listed as being That is a lot more work for the module to do and explains why it is a bit slow to get an initial position lock.Page of 43 Go.

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Quick Links. See also: Programming ManualOperating Manual. Table of Contents. Page 4 SMS, high-audio quality and digital encryption.

It offers great stability, and reliability, together with long distance communication as well as fashionable design and compant exterior lines. Page 5 Then contact your local AnyTone dealer for advice.

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If any item is not working normally, please contact your local AnyTone dealer. Unpacking and Checking the Equipment Radio Overview GPS Positioning Function Main Menu Trouble Shooting Guide Technical Specifications Page 8: Standard Accessories For frequency band of antenna, please refer to label indicated in the bottom of the antenna.

Other models may cause explosion and personal injury.

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After installing the battery pack, and if the radio displays low battery with a red flashing lamp or voice prompt, please charge the battery. Page How To Charge So the charger will charge the battery in constant voltage mode and fail to indicate correctly when the battery has been fully charged. To remove the battery pack, slide the release latch at the top away from the battery and remove the pack away from the transceiver.

Page 13 1. Installing the Belt Clip: Place the belt clip above the corresponding holes on the back of the radio, and screw it into place clockwise with the two supplied screws. Removing the Belt Clip:Unscrew counter-clockwise to remove the belt clip. Page 14 1. Page Radio Overview Rotate to adjust the volume after turning on the radio. MIC Input Please keep your mouth about 10cm away from the microphone to achieve the best voice quality. Operation 1: Input the VFO frequency directly by the keyboard.

Operation 2: Turn the channel selector to adjust the VFO frequency steps. Page Select A Zone 3.

AnyTone AT-D868UV Operating Manual

Different Color Code: The radio can transmit if the channel is free, but the color code is mismatch. Same Color Code: The radio can transmit only if the channel is free and the color code matches. Release PTT key to receive the reply.


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